Omega Tahu: The Minecraft Skin

The next incarnation of Omega Tahu has arrived, and he's entered the world of Minecraft.

That's right, based off of the artist's rendition by @MaximumWarp, comes something so manly(and extremely feminine depending on your gender and/or personality) that only the greatest can wear with pride.

Long story short, get kool skin here:

Disclaimer: I didn't draw the body nor head for this skin. Just desaturated the body and slapped the head on in gimp.

Disclaimer: Disclaimer mentioned above doesn't make it any less baller to wear this skin, both parts were taken from a creative commons skin website.


needs more manly nipples and add the blue to his jeans to add the last bit of manliness

Love it.

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Nice! ~Pyrox

That's freaking AWESOME!