Omega Tahu: The Picture: The Movie: The Book: The Video Game: The Sequel: The Animated Series: The Special Edition

partly inspired by this beautiful piece of artwork right here


Dude, Omega Tahu is so manly, he would never be caught wearing Blue. That’s a girl color.

Also, needs sunglasses. Otherwise, very nice representation of Omega Tahu.

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But they’re manly jeans. They even have the word “manly” in the name.

I just think Black would’ve been a better color. But that is a hard argument to counter.

Tahu isn’t the only manly man to wear blue. Just look at Tarix. Manliest Man on Bara Magna.

Not so sure about that, man. I mean, he’s British. And if Bakura from Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged taught me anything, it’s that Brits are far from manly. Because all Brits are the same. Just like any group of people. All exactly the same. 8D

But that Vezok, tho. Baddest dude around.

Firstly, you’re thinking of Onipex. Second, Vezok’s only half a man. Ever since that incident with the Spear of Fusion. >8D

Gotta face facts, Spencer. Sometimes you just can’t win.

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He’s half the man he used to be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dag nabit, when I saved the pic, it lowered the resolution, so I can’t edit it without it looking kinda strange.

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Loki. The Doctor. Sherlock. Tarix. All manly brits.


Okay, on the matter of Loki, well, he’s not that manly. While he’s a fun and enjoyable villain, he’s uh…not quite that good at it.

And as for the doctor…only sometimes. Depends on the incarnation.

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Dude, Dem nips xD

Omega tahu is still a thing? christ

It’s not

This topic is nearly 7 months old


how the hell did i find this

im lost

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I approve of this drawing.


Just saw this for the first time.
It’s beautiful.