On eBay Today... Like Right Now!

Oh my, that's so expensive!

But....It's A GOLDEN KANOKA....so it's probably worth.

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Yeah, the shipping is only 5$ for me. I will very likely get it. And yes, it's a apparently a very rare sealed combo pack, and sealed combo packs usually go for a lot.

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Yeah, totally. It's in pretty rusted condition though.

OMG. I'm very sad now that I didn't buy when one guy offered me Golden Kanoka with box for $250 :cry:.

BTW, shipping costs + import duties are $600 for my country, so I guess I will skip this one :stuck_out_tongue: .

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I never had many racers sets, but these feel quite nostalgic for me-

I want the red one!

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Finally I find my Racing partner lol.
As far as the listing though, they are definitely not worth 20$. Maybe 20$ if they are sealed, but in the condition shown in the image, the listing is rather a scam. You can find the Tiny Turbos for as little as 2$ on Bricklink. So if you want that red truck, I highly recommend you get it!
Racers is a underrated gem theme. If you want to just check out the sets for nostalgic purposes, look on Brickset: https://brickset.com/sets/theme-Racers


Thanks a lot, @LegoDavid

I could get 10 tiny turbos for $20.

@Mr.Monopoly, this might be a good one for you:


Would be, but I’ve already got Sidorak.

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Indeed, I got all the 2009 and most of the 2008 and 2010 ones

I actually managed to win both of the masks. I'll make sure to post when I receive them.

Okay that lot of Birdmen.

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Nitro Pulverizer Drome Racer for 2$ anybody?

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meh, already got it

Get it again!

Cool that you have it...


You may want to have a look at this…


Gasp I need to win that bid!!!


(looks at images)

I have like all of those…

That’s what I thought when I first saw it. Only ones I don’t have are Tahnok-Va and Cendox V1.

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