Once Upon a Deadpool

A PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2. Personally, I’m excited cuz I rarely watch R rated movies, but I’m not sure how the dirty minds here will react lol


I mean, it seems like people are fans of the new Deadpool movies in large part because of the R-rated content. I’m not confident that the movie would fare well from having all of that cut out…

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Is Deadpool. I’ll watch it.

I don’t watch R rated movies too so I’m kinda happy about this movie (but if I willl actually go to see it is a diffrent thing uhh I’m kinda lazy when it comes to going to the cinema)

@Bluebrick27 you described me in a comment

@Toa_Vladin yos

@jayzor17 that’s the only thing concerning me


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I’m not a big super hero fan, so if it’s not part of the MCU, then I probably won’t watch it.


Understandable. It would actually be my first X-Men movie

If it doesn’t have a whole lot of bad words in it, and especially no f-bombs, and there’s no revealing costumes, no hinting at stuff happening, then I’ll maybe, MAYBE watch it…

But deadpool will almost always be edgy and sketchy.
The fact that it’s Deadpool alone is probably gonna make my mom say no to me watching it.

it probably will hardly be worse that the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, which, while less tame than most marvel movies, were not terribly inappropriate

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That’s okay.

So it’s a maybe…


Wait, this is a thing? When and where?

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Theaters December 12

I must say though, the trailer with the Princess Bride kid was pretty hilarious.

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I’ve nevrr seen princess bride

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plz yes

You haven’t lived then.


It is a cool movie…

I didn’t want to watch it at first, but then i saw it with my dad and it was cool.

What Traykar said.

I just watched the trailer, and am now very excited. The “Up” joke was outstanding. Are the actual movies a lot like this?

But why though.
Deadpool 2 was decent. Why take away an aspect that made it as good as it was?

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