One final legend before the Main Event

"Please I beg you have mercy." The pathetic being cried begging for it's miserable life.
"Mercy you wretch I am insulted you know the word after the hundreds who were maimed and murdered under the guise of profit and power, you sought to have the wealth to rival a god well I'm not impressed and don't get me wrong I would have spared you but I'm a changed man now."
"Who are you?" It begged almost screaming the words.
My hand erupted into flames and my other turned to pure stone, I grabbed him with the flaming hand and he started to scream. "I will be the cleansing force Spherus Magna needs, I will purge this war torn ruin into a empire the great ones will fear and my friend that purge begins with you." I then ripped him apart and left Game Master lying in the desert with a note to his subordinates telling them to get ready I do after all enjoy a challenge.

"Quite the story my friend."
"Thank you Velika, you said you had an ally for us?"
"Yes my friend allow me to introduce to you to Ahkmou."

The larger story will begin with Jihaxius (element lord) duelling all six Toa Nuva.