One Million Dollars But... [GAME]

NO! that would hurt.

A million dollars, but the price of everything you want to buy goes up by 20 dollars.


lods of emone but whenever you buy something you have to sing the entirety lods of emone.

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Yes please!

1 mil bux but you have to play your most hated game for every buck you spend

Accept. You never said how long ;D

One million dollars except you are tagged by an assassin’s guild and thus need to spent a portion of your money hiring bodyguards and still face the risk of assassination.

I’ll take it…

1 Million dollars except you will lose your sense of taste for 10 years


1 mil bux except every you will be faced with a lawsuit every week for 20 years

No. I’d not take that.

Million dollars except, every day you must rip out your hair, and it grows back in 20 minutes.

I’d take the million.

One million dollars. That’s a lot of money. But everytime you fall over you fall apart, and must be put back together…



1 million dollars except you are now essentially the woman from the Life Alert ad

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I would take that offer, mainly because I could just buy a wheelchair with the money. :wink:

1 Million Dollars except you would have Mixel eyes instead of your own.


Nah. I like my eyes.

1 million dollars except you have to kill a baby monkey in order to eat lunch every day.


1 million dollars except you will be appointed a counselor who will repeatedly nag about how you spend your money, regardless on whether you spend it recklessly or carefully.

as soon as I saw the title for this I started dreading what is to come :laughing:

I’d do it

a million dollars but, every time you touch a bionicle mask, you crap yourself

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Not even for a mil.

A million dollars but every time you see a lego set that you want, you buy the set immediately to the right of it and are unable to buy what you want.

That sounds atrocious. No!

A million dollars, but every time you complete a MOC of any kind, you are forced to hand write instructions on how to build it and post them online.


I’d take that, but what if monkeys go extinct?

Wait, I could just skip lunch.

I’ll take it.


Million dollars, but any Bionicle Mask you touch turns keetorange.


I’d take it.
Just wear gloves when I want to not turn a mask Keetorange.
Although, I can see it now.
Buys Platinum Avokhii online for however much, forgets to put on gloves.
" "

1 million dollars, but if you eat a sandwich, one of your MOCs becomes pieces, and you forget how to build it.


No… Just No.

1 Million Dollars, but the only thing you can watch for the next six years is any movie that has a 0% on “Rotten Tomatoes”.

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1 Million Dollars except every time you eat your favorite food someone you know dies from choking on that food.

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1 million dollars except you are forced to serve as Aquaman’s sidekick for an entire year.