One of the many Makuta Teridaxi (MOC)

So as I stared at my general Grievous I thought what would he look like if he was Makuta Teridax? So after many, many upgrades this was the result. (Note: I know the wings couldn’t actually allow him to fly, there more decoration then anything.)

hes actually much bigger than you think here’s him with a protector: and here’s him torturing that same protector: apparently he wanted two. he was a whole lotta fun to build and I hope you like him! Comments and feedback are appreciated!


Hey that’s a pretty good model! A little messy but still very nice CCBS build here!


A fair bit messy

He would probably look like teridax, and not g2 makuta.

If this uses grievous’ build I can’t tell, there’s so many shells and add-ons crammed on to it that it just looks like a cluttered steroid ODed mass of black, gold and trans orange.
The upper legs are alright, and the torso is decent, but the villain add-ons need to go,
but the lower legs and the arms are a total mess.

@Payinku @TheMoltenKing I think what happened is that the build wasn’t planned really at all so as I continued to build him he acculamated more and more shell pieces. But for what he is I’m quite happy with the result. Yeah he isn’t my best MOC, but he was definitely one of my more fun building experiences.

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armoring feels kind of messy but it isn’t bad IMO


All I can say is WOAH! Most of the time somebody makes a CCBS hodgepodge like this it looks horrible, but somehow… This guy makes it look… cool? Menacing!
And just awesome! Good work!!!

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very nice!