Onewa Photography


Good site for photography, but not for that character. That looks like Po-Koro rather than Po-Metru. It’s supposed to be the “City of Legends” isn’t it?

Good concept, but a lot of it is basically the same thing.
Lighting and background is good, but try to have Onewa be in less static poses…

try to pose him so that he “comes alive” in a way.


I’m pretty sure Po-Metru had quarries…doesn’t the Kikanalo scene from LoMN take place in one of them? (Another option is to pretend that this takes place while the Toa Metru were exploring Mata Nui)…

Anyway, very nice photos, @LegoDavid! Onewa does blend in with the background a bit, but there are never enough pictures of BIONICLE sets in nature, so good on you for experimenting! I’d like to see more photos, and other sets, if you can find a decent spot for them!