Onipa, my self-moc

Matoran Onipa


Onipa Master of Plasma is my self-moc. Being a self-moc, I wanted to give him characteristics like me. So the first characteristic is his weapons, a green and black sword and a gun. You see, when I was in 5th grade, everyone in my class would fight with nerf guns on Thursdays when we had free time. I always used 2 weapons, a green and black sword, and a handgun. Here's a comparison between the real life sword and the MOC's sword.

The other characteristic of me that Onipa has is that he is an inventor, which is what I intend to be eventually. Some big differences between Onipa and other toa aren't only that he is a Toa of Plasma. Another big difference is that some toa collect masks, others collect disks, but Onipa collects more toa stones. He has almost one of every kind of toa stone. He does this because being an inventor/scientist, he knows a lot more about how elemental powers work than anyone else, so he can build devices that tap into their power. These devices are, the Power Gauntlet, (the thing that looks like a red hand), and the element gun, (the gun that also works as a regular gun). He can simply load a toa stone into the power gauntlet or element gun and he can wield that element. The way this works is the device (power gauntlet or element gun) is containing some of Onipa's blood cells. When the toa stone is loaded into it the machine, it injects Toa Power into those cells. Then a series of electric signals commands the cells to control their element in the way Onipa commands it to. Then when Onipa is done using it, the device sucks all the power in the cells back into the to a stone. But this is not the only use of his knowledge of elemental powers. He also has a device in his mask that allows him to transform from toa to matoran (or the other way around) at will. Speaking of his mask, it is forged out of a Toa Disk of Gravity, making gravity his mask power. But what are all these elemental powers for? Shouldn't one element be enough? Actually, no. When Aqua Magna, Bara Magna, and Bota Magna were united again, the world became a big place with lots of places to defend and lots of enemies to fight. So the toa went on missions to foreign lands, leaving Metru Nui defenseless. After Onipa collected some toa stones, he gave one to his friend, Lekar, used one to power a robot, and used the rest for himself. Still, that's only half the number of elemental protectors (I'm not using the word toa because one of them is a robot.) that a city like Metru Nui should have, so he invented ways to use more than one element. Also, he has a jetpack. I'm rambling on too much now so here's more pictures.

Here's what he would look like as a to a of shadows.


Coolio. I really like the "Rohtuka wings"


Thanks, they're not really wings though, more like turbines.


That's what I meant just forgot the word so said wings :stuck_out_tongue:


it's funny, originally my self-moc was a toa of gravity, but I changed it to plasma because it had plasma's color scheme, which is orange and white, and gravity is black and purple, which is closer to this.

as for the moc,
fairly basic(which isn't necessarily a bad thing),
and I don't really like the shape of the torso,
but it's not bad,

though the way the head is attached needs to be changed, it looks, awkward, to say the least.

overall, it's alright, but could use some work on the torso, and the upper arms are a bit akward.

I do like the jetpack and sword though.

Hate to be the person to rain on your parade, but that's not exactly how toa stones work,

"A Toa Stone is a stone which has been imbued with an amount of Toa Power. Originally created by the Great Beings, these special stones can be used to transform Matoran into Toa. Each Toa Stone has some recognizable difference between itself and other stones. This may range from coloring, size, shape or type of stone. Toa Stones do not have to be a certain stone, it can be any stone the Toa chooses to be its vessel for his or her powers." ~BS01

toa stones hold no elemental energy, and no two are alike.
just wanted to point that out.

I will say in theory it was clever, but canon says it doesn't work.

this post is way longer(though I hope not harsher) than I wanted it to be.


I was thinking the weapon looked like a boffer sword and than I saw the N-force sword and was like "called it". Great looking moc.

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Yeah, I wanted him to either be a toa of Gravity or a toa of plasma. I couldn't decide on either so I made him a toa of plasma with gravity as his mask power. I made the torso out of coat hanger peices because I made the matoran version fist and I wanted it to look similar to his matoran form. I'm not a huge fan of the head attachment either, but I couldn't think of another way to do that. You are right about no 2 toa stones being alike, but what I meant when I said that was that he had a toa stane of almost every element. As far as holding elemental power, biosector01 clearly says that "A toa stone is a stone in which has been imbued with an ammount of Toa Power." I can only assume that means elemental energy.

actually, Toa power and elemental energy are different.

"Toa Power is latent energy within all Toa and Matoran destined to become Toa.
Unlike Elemental Powers, Toa Power cannot be recharged if it is used. When Toa's destinies are completed, they have the option to sacrifice all of their Toa Power for a greater good; if they give up their Toa Power, they become Turaga."~BS01


Well, I kneed an excuse for this to still work, so the power gauntlet and element gun gather random nearby micro-organisms and suck them into a chamber inside themselves, then inject them with toa power. Then it uses a series of electrical stimulus to manipulate the micro-organisms to do what ever Onipa commands. Then when he is done, it sucks the power out of them and sends it back into the toa stone.

He could have a mask forged from a Toa Disk. It would have the elemental power of said disk.

Source: http://biosector01.com/wiki/index.php/Toa_Disk

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Thanks for telling me that I've changed my mind, his mask is forged from a toa disk of gravity.

I really like the dual rhoutaka spinners. It screams awesomeness.


Recently I have thought of an explanation for why he is black and grey with a little bit of blue instead of orange and white. Once when he was a matroran he had been orange and white, but he had been almost fatally injured, probably by getting hit by some kind of vehicle or by crashing an air board or something, I haven't really figured that part out yet. He was injured so badly that his limbs had to be replaced with bionic ones and he was integrated with metal systems. Kind of like Darth Vader. This gave him added strength and it eventually fused itself with him, making it just as much a part of him as his non-cybernetic being.