Oniwah's Omega Tahu/Self MOC

So basically last year when I joined this message board I sat down and started to make a MOC by putting a bunch of my pieces together with the intention to make a self MOC, so then I made a thing. Then with some inspiration from TTV I made this abomination

I was pretty proud of it, and it became my version of Omega Tahu. But then I looked at other people MOCs and determined that this MOC was really bad.

Then this year, after being on these boards for about a year I decided to sit down, put a bunch of pieces together with the intention of making a self MOC with mostly CCBS pieces. So I put a bunch of pieces together and I made a MOC that could also pass as Omega Tahu.

So here you guys go

And sorry about the picture quality.


With my abomination of a MOC (or at least what's left)

With 2015 Tahu

Front without any accessories


With his knives

And him striking a pose

Yes that is my old Omega Tahu's sword and the old MOC did have that shield



That's an Inika Build?


I like the torso seems a little off for some reason but other the. That I really like it. And form the front it doesn't even look like an inika build. So yeah good job

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Plural's Quick Review:
-Color Scheme is overall consistent
-Does well with the Inika Build
-The Torso looks a bit Strange

I would give this MOC a 7/10.
It looks interesting, but its chest is pretty strange.

Good Job! smiley


It took me a while to notice there was an Inika torso. This is a great MOC that uses both old style parts and CCBS. I love it!


Yeah. I use that on most of my MOCs actually. =p


Thank you so much guys! :smile:

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It makes tahu look fat.

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It seems inconsistent with armouring and custom torso and limbs would be an goid improvement (why inconsistent armour? It feels like you looked for silver parts and attached to places where you want armour... it has no flow)

Also, those triple-bout-double-jointed-legs-in-my-mind don't realy work :/

Nice to see love for that chainsaw-shiledy-thinga-majinger

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A lot of silver and the neck seems a bit long, but other than that i think it works.

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Wow... That is all.
The Skrall shield is a great shield better than 2015 Kopaka's at least
Yeah, I'm trying to fix that, but my lack of CCBS pieces is not helping.


Bricklink is your friend :stuck_out_tongue:

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