Onnrey, Blacksmith of Earth

The title sounds way way cooler than the creation looks, haha.

I was bored last night and after seeing one of the contests on here, I wanted to challenge myself and create a more customized villager figure.
I also wanted to make a hammer using one of those old projectiles , so I did that too. It was quite a challenge making it work with the piece but I think it turned out well in the end.

So her is Onnrey. She’s an Earth-village Okotan, daughter of a lovely couple hailing from both the Ice and Earth regions. As a result, she’s a fan of being in the cool, dark caves, working on tools and weapons and what have you for others.
She gets sort of serious into her craft, so much so that she’s made herself a permanent eye-optic piece for her mask ( which was the best way of me explaining why she doesn’t just use the PoE mask), and she doesn’t tend to wipe her armor off much while working… which explains the gradual discoloration.

I really wish they’d released some more mask colors. I really want a new 2015 Kopaka mask in black for this.

So anyway, here are some photos, I apologize for the blur.


Hammer (the rubber bands were unfortunately necessary):

Forging a great weapon:

Pose Number 5:

EDIT: 04/10/16:

Managed to take some photos of the disassembled front and back sections of the second of my villager figures, who is still a WIP:

Front, with armor removed:

Top, with Hordika-neck-things and head removed:

Back (used straightened Hordika neck thing here)

The stud on the back was just 'cuz. With any luck, these photos will help show off the build. Maybe. Kinda.

I also have slightly better quality photos of Onnrey, with big thanks to a family member for having a better camera than I :stuck_out_tongue:

Any questions, comments, anything, fire away. :slight_smile:


Pretty nice, but the photography (lighting primarily) looks a bit off.

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love the setting, and the moc


Looks pretty good for a small and basic looking MOC, though your photography could use some work.

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@Ultimate_TChalla I’m not sure why it is as it is. I’ve checked settings and I can’t seem to make it focus on the device I’m using.
I can touch up the light after, this is true, but it always seems to come out looking wrong.
I hope to obtain a new, hopefully HD camera soon, just for the purpose of snapping photos of my MOCs and filming.

@Mechmaster Thanks! I decided it might be nice to take photos outside today. Wish their quality had turned out better.

I’m glad you all enjoy it! Thanks for the feedback!

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Nothing too complicated, but I like it.

Did you get the idea from my MOC topic? Peoples of Okoto?

I love it!

Looks cute!
I really want to see the custom torso, though! (I use custom torsos for my Okotan MOCs as well!)
It looks good!

@Shadower I"m not sure if I have stumbled upon the topic, but I definitely just wanted to make a villager of my own accord. Thanks!

@JonBlueFire I’ll snap an image of the (deconstructed, to see the build) second villager I’ve got going and put it in the original post very soon! Glad you like!

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Good build and I appriciate outdoor shots.

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Original post updated with better quality photos, and a little insight as to how the basic torso was constructed.

Enjoy all :slight_smile: