Onu-Koro Cave-In (Bionicle 20th Anniversay Fan Game)

Hey everyone!

We developed a short Bionicle Point & Click Adventure Game as part of a Game Jam for the line’s 20th anniversary, and thought that some of you here might find it interesting. It is a tribute to the early years of Bionicle and very much inspired by classic games such as the Mata Nui Online Game and Quest for the Toa.

In this game, you can create your own playable Matoran, explore the underground village of Onu-Koro, talk to the local villagers and more!

Build your own Matoran with a variety of classic Kanohi Masks and colors

Explore Onu-Koro and talk to the locals

You can download the game and find additional details on our Itch io page here:

We hope you enjoy it!


First of all, welcome to the boards, second of all, wow this looks gorgeous. I’ll look forward to playing it!


this looks awesome!

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This looks fantastic so far, I look forward to the final project.

Wop strait to the top of my to-do-list is to play this, it looks fantastic! Do you think it will ever be expanded to the other Koros?

Wow, love the art style here, can’t wait to play.

This looks amazing! The point-and-click style is a great throwback to MNOG, and the outlined 3D style is just chef’s kiss. Great work!

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