Onu-Metru Patrol - Rorzakh

Surrender or run!

Dark Sci-Fi version of my first Bionicle set)


ah yes, the patrol thingy, are they all done yet?
also, is that a medal on his chest?

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The detail here is astonishing.


The tongue looks a little weird, but meh, doesn’t really matter. I really like this, my dude.


I’m guessing this is based off of the movie version? Either way, this looks fantastic. The details are very impressive.

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Amazing job
That head looks incredible

Absolutely fantastic work! I love seeing remakes of one of my favorite waves of Bionicle, especially when they are this good! :smiley:

The reptilian tongue isn’t exactly what I’d picture a Vahki to have, but I think this is an otherwise solid recreation. If anything it feels a lot more alien than the actual set, which I kinda like.

dang, pretty creepy. i like it

Omg I had no idea you were on the boards, this thing is amazing, as is the rest of your work

this is really well build, it looks Sick!!

What piece is used as the upper jaw?

It’s a Whenua Hordika headpiece flipped around

Now that’s my kind of Bionicle aesthetic! Brilliant model!

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Looks nice and smooth smooth, and it really looks like an organic-looking insect. Love it.

Oh man I really love this. Such a unique interpretation.

This moc is amazing that tongue gives a menacing feel, and the torso looks organic yet mechanical. Great work

I knew I recognized it. Finally, a useful purpose for those heads :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, this thing is giving me a real Xenomorph vibe in the organic design.

I like it!

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What’s up with people revamping Rorzakh lately? I mean, this is still extremely impressive, but why?

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