Onua and pohatu remake

Decided to build Onua and pohatu in a new way also please forgive me for onuas mask I spilled a little red paint on it also before you ask yes onuas mask is a gold one painted black I never actually bought Onua and never got the mask in any lots I bought online


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thats bad…

The build doesn’t work well for him, the texture kinda clash and lack on additional colors.

His limbs are bare and the side view is questionable, but the colors are more vibrant than Onua.


Did you REALLY paint the gold mask to make it look like the normal one!?!?!?!?:mask:

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I like the shaping on Pohatu, the colour scheme works really well too. Nice work :+1:

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m i s t a k e



please no

you need to clean it off now

The MOCs are pretty good, the limbs for Pohatu are odd but fine overall.


Well I still have 3 gold onua masks left so It’s fine

The plainness of Pohatu’s chest bothers me when compared to the rest of his aesthetic.

@Sepublic22 What do you mean? And also how can I fix it

@ToaMura Dont worry I have 3 more

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I think both mocs look pretty great, although Pohatu could maybe use some bulking up on the bare arm and leg bones, and maybe thumbs? Also with Pohatu, the systems parts look a little smooth and simplistic, compared to the otherwise greebly texture of the moc. I have no suggestions for Onua, aside from maybe sprinkling a little silver through him, for consistency with the claws, or changing the claws to black. I LOVE the torso build though.