Onua and Terak


Very solid job on both of these, I love the way you drew Onua’s weapon in particular.


Very nice, although I’m not particularly fond of the fur on Terak.

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:open_mouth: Terak actually looks like a definable animal!
These are really good looking.

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After seeing Onua:

In all seriousness, I really like this.
I love the way you did Terak.
But, man, that hammer is huge…


I was like, hey since I use this same size for all the uniters I have to fill this blank space somehow.

And that’s the story behind that hammer.

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This is amazing. Terak kind of reminds me of a wolf

I was thinking sloth.

I think it’s a Pangolin

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here’s a wip


whoa, these are awesome

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:open_mouth: Holy cow, these are beautiful!

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Gorgeous, I am really exited to see Lewa!

Oh my holy freakin wow.

looks cool.

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Those are pretty sweet looking.

Teach me your ways senpai

These are so good !

this is awesome