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Hello everyone :slight_smile: If you see my request for information on how to post a new thread, needless to say you may disregard it now lol. Onto the topic: My Toa of Earth MOC. It is not necessarily a revamp of Onua specifically, and when I built it (over a period of two years off and on) I generally wanted it to be a generic Toa of Earth. As it progressed, it began to resemble Onua more and more, at least in my mind. This is easily one of my top three favorite MOCS I’ve built. My most favorite aspect of it is how solid the build is. I have tried many times to change or add armor to him, and I cannot find any reasonable ways to do so. Only with that in mind may I consider him complete! So, here are some pictures, and I absolutely encourage and appreciate all feedback and constructive criticism. Thank you for taking the time to check this out and I hope it inspires you to find new ways to build MOCS!



hey look it is @Oniwah

this Moc is pretty good
my one complaint is how lanky the arms are


I think the use of the Nuva masks are really unique. My main problem is texture clashing but the general concept is good.

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Id agree about the arms, but I love how G-1 like this MOC is.

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I like a mix of both, but I can’t do this as I am new to BIONICLE. Brought in by gen 2

It’s all right. I like the torso.

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He kinda looks like he wants to give you a bear hug.

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I like the Gen1 mask, but I think the G2 Wave One Onua, Master of Earth mask would fit better and give it a more… While, complete look.

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I like the look of this, but the arms are a bit lanky.
I give it an 8.5/10.

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@Hutere Dude please reply in the Makuta topic. I don’t want to double post and I need to post an important link.

To stay on topic, I think the arms are fine, except build up EITHER the length or the armor. Not both, as then it’ll be too bulky and awkward.


Thanks for giving your opinion, and thanks to everyone else for all of your insight as well! I figured I’d give time for comments so I wouldn’t be replying one at a time. Bob, I tried a lot of masks for this MOC, and G2 Onua’s mask was one I tried but unfortunately, to me, it looked much too small. The other mask I really like on this MOC is the silver Avohkii, but I decided to make him officially a Toa of Earth so I gave him a mask of power.

On the arms! I do agree they can be awkward looking depending on how he’s posed. There was one more fixture I was looking at, and that was putting Nuparu Mahrii’s silver fin-like armor on each lower arm, but unfortunately I could not find the right-hand piece to complete the look. If I ever find it or get another one, that would probably help. I think the large hands make it a bit stranger, but I like them in keeping with the Toa of Earth/Onua “revamp” theme. I wanted to give him a weapon for a while, but I figured, eh, those claws are huge, and yes, they’re great for bear hugs! :slight_smile:

If anyone has more comments, you’re very much welcome to share them!

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<ModSquad: This critique was authorized by the creator of the MOC. It’s rough, but he has been warned of and consented to my verbal obliteration.>
Oh boy, where to start. Ground up?

I think we’ll start from the ground up.

…they’re feet? Really not sure what to say. I’ve always liked that particular foot piece, but the Technic addition here isn’t very well done. Looks too thin from the back and too blocky from the front. Otherwise…eh? Not really a fan of them.

Super basic design that would be fine with a bit more work - not even specifically work on the lower legs. More on that in the torso section. Otherwise, they need some filling in and some smoothing out, maybe, but for what they are I guess they’re alright.

Really, really bad. Far too thin for the bulky bruiser design the rest goes for, and overall the combination of those parts stopped being “good” years ago when we got better alternatives. With some tweaks it could work, but I feel like it would be more hassle than the design is worth. All I can honestly recommend here is a redesign.

Uhh…a little too hollow? Needs some filling out but otherwise this is fine. No need to over complicate something that doesn’t need to be.

This is where the fun begins.
Because this is…uh…interesting?
I think the use of the Pakari Nuva as pecs is creative and interesting - and it’s not that part of the design that irks me.

First off, the Nuva shoulder in the middle of the chest needs to either go away or get flipped upward. As-is, it looks very flat and out of place compared to the armoring right beneath it.

Speaking of the armor right beneath it, the Mantax shell - while I commend the usage of such a fickle part - isn’t really used all that well in my opinion. It excels at manipulating visual weight, but here it just kinda makes him look thick sideways. Wouldn’t be an issue if the thighs were bulkier and the shoulders were narrower, but because of those two items not being fulfilled, the design falls short of optimal. The tubes on the front also look very random and distracting, so I’d personally recommending cleaning those out.

Additionally, he has one of the worst cases of a T-orso I can ever think of. Incredibly T shaped with very little transition. I’d recommend pulling the shoulders in quite a bit.

Probably the best part of the MOC. Aside from the Metru thigh armor on top of the Hordika foot, you’ve got their flow down pretty well, and the armoring is done well enough. Aside from the aforementioned flow-breaking Metru thigh, I actually think I like it. Not much else to say.

I like Piraka legs.
I do not like Piraka legs as arms. Ever.
Third least favorite part of the MOC at least. They work as legs, but here the design is far too sleek and backwards to properly suit as arms. Additionally, my Rule #2 is broken by both forward and backward facing armor. Custom arms will be your friend here. The hands (just gonna lump them in with the lower arms) are maybe a bit too prefab, but since this is supposedly Onua I can’t really complain too much about some killer Shredder Claws.

Yes. You heard me. Head.
It doesn’t work.

The mask here is completely atrocious and contradictory to the character shaping in every way possible. It is incredibly sleek, flat, thin, and tall. The MOC itself is textured, greebled, bulky, and squat.

I could see Onua 2015’s mask working here, as the set in question shared very similar proportions to what you have here. Possibly even Onua 2016, but I don’t own that mask so I cannot confirm or deny. Almost any other mask would be better here, provided it was in the right colors.

Overall - not a fantastic MOC. I see quite a few areas for improvement though, which means potential. The only place I see no redemption for would be the thighs…just, start over for those maybe. Just my two cents at least.

Something I do commend it for, however, would be the color scheme. Generic, yes, but it’s consistent, and the blue pins don’t distract me too much. Perhaps on a sleeker character it would, but here the textures work in your favor for once.

Good luck, and keep on MOCing! You’ll get there :thumbsup:

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