Onua, Smasher of Darkness

Hello this is my first post and i hope you like it

This is a custom Onua, that after finding his golden mask got a serious upgrade.


What I gigantic hammer!

This isn’t really a critique of the MOC per se, but I think you need to work on your posing and photography. You’ve got body parts at wierdly unnatural angles (the thighs facing inwards for example) and all of the pictures cut off parts of the MOC. That said the background is perfect and the pictures are super crisp and balanced so yey.

As for the MOC, I feel like he needs some other contrast highlight colour in there to compliment the gunmetal and gold. A bit of trans-green like G1 Onua had might be perfect. Or purple. Also does he not have an eyestalk?


Thanks for the comment i’m just starting to take pics. so I did not know what to do but know i… Know what to do

A good trick is to place a finger on each of the moc’s feet and hold them flat while you adjust the rest.

It’s common for people to post 5 or more pictures; two or more interesting poses, and three establishing shots of the MOC in a boring pose from the front, back and at least one side so people can see how it’s built.

Very good! but I would like to see the hammer a little better.

pretty nice hammer and color scheme.

I’d however suggest a few more pictures to highlight things because I don’t think the few you gave do the moc justice.

Can’t really tell much from the pictures. Posing may also be messing with this - particularly since the armor is attached by CCBS - but he looks kinda awkward and misshapen.

The silver on the lower legs also stands out immensely both in texture and color.

I like the upper body color scheme though. Really feels like some sort of Toa of Earth in heavy armor.

Veeeeeery messy.
Nice hammer though.