Onua, Toa of Earth

This is my first completed revamp of an already existing set. Actually, I wouldn’t call it a revamp, more like a personalised version, as this don’t really have much in common with the original 2001 set, save for the mask and claws.

Still, I am very happy with this MOC. It looks proportional enough, has no real noticeable gaps and it is decently stable. I wanted to incorporate the trans-green as a bit of a homage to the 2001 Onua’s eye color, and expanding it to other parts of the body, much like the 2016 Toa.

My favorite part of this MOC is the neck/higher back. I like how it helps create a smooth transition from the back to the head to create the hunchback appearence that has almost always been a part of Onua. This way we don’t get the flat surface that was on top of both Onua Mata and Nuva.

We’ll see if I remake any of the other Toa Mata, I want to try and create a Toa team, but I will probably mix it up with both canonical Toa from different teams and with new characters.

Anyways, tell me what you think! Like I said, this is one of my better MOCs in a while IMO, and I also feel that I am improving at taking pictures posing the MOCs is still not my strong suite, though. I look forward to hearing what you think, appreciate all constructive feedback! Enjoy!

Also, apparently Uxar’s head fits pretty good as a butt. And Onua Master fits pretty good as armor to protect the non-canonical business.

No, the placement of these pieces is not some Illuminati message on showing my opinion on G2. I thought G2 was alright.


How did you attach the Pakari to the 2009 head?

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Note: The black barbs are not neccesary, they are just for decoration. The axles are 3 long and they are red because I had ran out of matching colors.


I like the design of the upper back, but his head is a bit too small and his shoulders a bit to spindly

the arms dont really work with the torso and the upper thighs look too small. great torso though

Yeeeeees. This is amazing.

Onua is my favorite toa, and this is a fantastic representation. The torso build is outstanding.

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