Onua, Uniter of Earth WIP - Distorted Destiny [G2 Alternate Universe]

The second moc in my mirror universe series, Onua the Uniter of Earth.

Onua was a fun one to try and do justice. He reintroduces the solid dark purple that his Master form used, and sports a torso build heavily based off of @LoganMcOwen revamp. At the start of his build, I didn’t have much of a vision in mind, but as I started working on him I began taking small cues from Journey to One’s Makuta and Ixphia’s Akamai. I thought it was fitting given that Makuta gave him this revamp instead of Ekimu.

The design is closer to final than my Pohatu was, but I still have a few more adjustments to make as well as giving him a custom weapon. I’ve got to Bricklink someparts to (his shoulders and arms are taken from my Uniter Onua).


Love his stature, proportions and shaping. Good job

Robes are becoming the new norm :grin:

Looks great; makes him look more noble and astute as opposed to a generic stronk brute

Not a fan of the upper arms - never been a fan of how those two pieces look together when used backwards like that - but the rest is pretty solid! Biggest issue I can find is the distribution of silver. Otherwise it’s just a solid CCBS MOC that looks a good bit like a mirror Onua.

The robes definitely add a more spiritual look to him, which is kinda how I saw the Toa. The general bulky appearance really adds to this and the overall design just works.

That gold look like keet orange in this light.