Ooni Beast

The Ooni are dreaded creatures that stalk their prey in the Viniculum, the “road” between the realms of Galidor.

For Eurobricks’ Galidor Free Build Category B Glinch Royale Competition.


I’ve notice some of your moc, including this have been reusing the abs builds since the Krana Powersuit.

I’m really digging the head with the cherry green eyes and structured with basic slopes, the leg does a good attempt to capture the ragged texture on the legs.

Can’t say much to the arms and wings from the various presentation on other platforms.


As a fan of Galidor, I really like how this turned out! Nice job!

Then again, the Ooni model didnt really look that good in the first place, haha


I like the head and torso build!

Cool texture on the torso