Opening a mint box?

If you were to get a mint in box Bionicle set, would you open it?

Here is a straw poll for you to vote so I could see the results.

(I am asking this question because I am about to get a mint in box key-to-ongu :smiley: )

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It’s a toy

you get it to play with it.


I would carefully take it out and make sure not to destroy the canister. I would do this because I really enjoy the canisters, but I also enjoy playing with the sets themselves. I think that playing with it is just more worth it than keeping it around hoping to get $100 off of it 50 years in the future.


Well, I opened my Takanuva which was in mint. So yes.

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No I probably wouldn’t.

I got a Cendox V1 mint and sealed last year for christmas, and it is still sealed in the box, and I probably will leave it like that! Although I probably will get another to build.

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Depends on the size and/or weather or not I have one on display.

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It would all hinge n one very important thing.
Do I, or do I not already have it?
If I do have it: Keep it sealed, resale value and such.
If I do not have it: Tear it open with all the gusto of a wild boar going after its latest meal (jk. (never using that again) In actuality you open it very carefully).


It’s arrived! (Jk , this is my old BIONICLE box. I had a hay day with it. And, no. I do not have a fixed/completed Keetongu. His parts were all used for my MOC’s)


Was this whole topic a troll, or are you going to get a new Keetongu to replace this one?

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Oh no! This is my old set. I shall be receiving a new one soon. :slight_smile:

Ok, thank you. I thought that you had pulled the proverbial wool over all of our eyes.


I saw this and I just had to show you what happen my old box.


I think it depends on the resale value. If you can get a lot more and more useful parts for the resale price of the new set, sell it. But if you don’t get an amazing price for it, open it. :smiley:

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Basically my thoughts


I don’t play with my BIONICLE sets any more, but I would definitely get the set put together, mint or not. For me, opening a factory sealed box really satisfies my nostalgic urges.


I got Dekar mint in box for $4.49. I opened it. The same goes with just about all my sets.


You lair! You never got it! You never went through with it you imbecile!

No, it was a big tease. >=(