If anyone has heard of Rollercoaster Tycoon 2? say “Mai Rollercoaster” in the comments. but have you ever heard of OpenRCT2? It is a Mod for RCT2 that allows you to do cheats. make your own coasters in the “Coaster Editor” and make your own Scenario you can also go to “Options” and click “Cheats” when you go into your game. you will see a golden shovel if you hit the golden shovel you can do some cool things for example disable support limits! also if you hit “ctrl” “alt” “c” you will activate a cheat menu. where you can do such things as Make all of your guests extremely happy, clean up all of your park, renew your rides/reset crash status, and Blow up all of your guests. also you can make some pretty cool coasters there too! have fun coaster creating YOU ALSO NEED A COPY OF RCT2 INSTALLED TO YOUR COMPUTOR!