Yo. I totally skipped over posting my last moc here cause I know y'all on these message boards hate me even tho it was something different being a motorcycle and rider but eh. :sweat_smile: I digress.

Anyway have a MOC. Here's Ophedia.

Ophedia is a quiet but loyal reptilian snake. She is a master of poisons and loves experimenting with them on her blades, even creating unique poisons by using her own venom.

Her face is heavily scarred with burns, and often hides her face with her helmet and/or scarf. (Yeah I know, Rahkshi head, get over it, she's a snake.)

She is currently second in command to Juedori, who leads a dangerous Aeonyx-worshiping group. She obtained this status by cutting off her own tail as sacrifice to prove her loyalty.

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Honestly, like anyone would be, I'm happy with the result, especially since this is a revamp of a hideous MOC I made in 2009 (props if you remember it). I wanted to keep a similar aesthetic and so ended up using the original head and a similar body design.

Trivia: The chipping gold painted Rahkshi head was originally the "Battle mask" of Toa Goldrush, which was a MOC belonging to @Shadowgear6335 looooong long ago. bonus props if you remember that. Actually, I think it's still on his mocpages. :imp:


wait she took his face? RIP statue man

she's good, The Mask armor thing is interesting, though I wish there might've been more color distribution over the black body, like more green or gold. Otherwise she's fine. Nice daggers too

alright so other than ritualistic sacrifice and scarring....

sounds more like a poisonous reptile.... reptilian humanoid unless it's supposed to be snake people.


I like the use of the knight armour piece as a helmet, and i also find the leg design very inspired. Also i like that you gave her purple eyes :stuck_out_tongue:

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I like those legs. Really sleek and agile looking.

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Hate it! And you! Why don't you go back to cutting up parts in your seedy little lego chop-shop!!
I have followed your work for a while and I always find it innovative and inventive in the way you push the medium to areas never before seen. The back-stories always give depth to the character you're presenting and give your creations real-life credibility.
I don't wish to appear arrogant or above my station, but you should always remember that for every one person who doesn't like what you've created, there will be another who will love it. And (bad grammar) remember that the only criticism to listen to is your own.
Anyway, love the moc.
Sorry for long post here's a potato 🥔. Lol

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as opposed to all those mammalian snakes :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, cool moc. I really like the lower legs.
RIP goldrush. ;(


ah yeah. I certainly don't expect everyone to like/love my mocs, it's just here on TTV in particular I tend to get mostly negativity on my stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


I think it's mostly your uh

style choices, on certain designs :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I think I already mentioned it on Flickr, but this one's pretty solid. Not everybody's gonna like the Rahkshi head but I got no problems with it. Lower legs are really solid - actually just the limbs in general, thinking about it.

My major issue still just stands that the torso has a bit of an empty feeling when compared to how thick and solid the waist and thighs are.

The name sounds like an online encyclopedia, but the rest is excellent! That helmet is quite creative!

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This one's great! A lot of character, and I'm quite fond of what you did with the legs.

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That Rahkshi head fits really well with that armor piece.

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Bio reminds me of Sadi from David Edding's 'The Belgariad' and 'The Mallorean'

I like a lot of part shaping here.
and the shoulders and knee parts are far enough to not being able to tell the difference in color easily.

Now I know you get a lot of flak for feet but this is just cause I don't really like the look of them, not cause they're small or whatever.
They kinda look like strange inverted toes or something.

And the award for worst advice ever goes to...

I don't really have any major complaints, the torso feels a little too narrow at the shoulders, and the feet have a kind of awkward design, give her a bottom jaw.


(insert Rahkshi head comment here)

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Don't mind the Rahkshi as much as others seem to, but I would like to see more of it. The helmet covers the head and face a bit too much, maybe consider trying to engineer a custom design, or use a different piece. Otherwise, I do really like the build, not seeing any blatantly illegal techniques, like you usually use, :stuck_out_tongue: and I like the blades.

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-rehashed comment-
Kinda reminds me of Pyramid Head for some reason.
I'm not too fond with the top torso section, but the leg are pretty solid-

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I like it. The arms and legs are great, but the torso could use some more accents and looks a but awkward in some of the pics. Probably my biggest problem is how the gold on the helmet doesn't match any of the other gold, but you can't really fix that I guess.

looking good as always.

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Gold and black rhak leree does an intense ninja 10/10