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Follow Toa Tilar in his quest of…speaking about non-important things.
I was bored and made this short comic as a sort of presentation of myself(more like my selfmoc but well).

Also, please don’t say that I copied this idea from Randowis, I know that already :sweat_smile:

About MagnaStories:
There are still many things to be done. Events like the Nuva Transformation, the exploration of the remains of the MU, etc are still missing. This is my last year in my “Lycée” which means that I’ll have to study a lot for my exams. That doesn’t mean that I won’t update my blog regularly. Now about all events that have been planned:

  • The Nuva Transformation, which takes place one year after the Reformation
  • More chapters for “New Legends”
  • The Exploration of the MU
  • Tilar’s Stories
  • New chapters for Theon’s Stories
  • The Second Core War

If you like to know more about, you can find all sorts of informations here: http://magnastories.blogspot.com
Stories: http://magnastories.blogspot.lu/p/story.html
Characters: http://magnastories.blogspot.lu/p/heroes.html
Locations: http://magnastories.blogspot.lu/p/locations.html
Videos: http://magnastories.blogspot.lu/p/video.html

Like I said before, if you have any question, let me know in the comment section.


I read some of your other stories but I like how you said steal when you made your own take on the concept

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Well the stories themselves are my creation naturally. The idea of making a blog came up because I saw one of BioWaves topics and how they created their own website. I didn’t want to rely only on the TTV forums aswell. It’s not a coincidence my blog was created after the first BioWaves project topics :sweat_smile:

I’m all about that profit.

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This almost seems like an advertisement in disguise.

Well whatever…

I used the opportunity :wink:
Don’t say it out too loud though

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