Opinion: Toa Nidhiki should wear a Kualsi-shaped Volitak

The Hagah sets were originally planned to be Dume and Nidhiki anyway, and honestly… I think it looks good, especially since we got the piece in Metru-green later.

I know Greg’s made a comment on it at one point, but I wanted to hear what you guys think on this matter.

…I also really don’t care for the Volitak’s design all that much XD

edit: My opinion on the matter has no standing in the contests

  • StarBreaker, you’re out of your mind
  • Kualsi-shaped Volitak for me, babyyyyy

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Nah. Iruini should wear a Volitak-shaped Kualsi :wink:


Not gonna lie, you almost had me thinking I messed up the post for a second XD


personally I think Nuparu should wear a Nidhiki-shaped Iruini


Nope. What I mean is, Nidhiki should still wear the Volitak in its standard shape, but that shape should have been the one the Iruini set uses, so that way, Iruini gets the Norik-treatment of having a differently shaped mask. This means Defilak would have had a Volitak, and Nuparu and Mazeka… something else. This does not change the shape the sets have, just the powers the shapes are associated with. Confusing to explain, but it makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:


Honestly either way works for me. I like the Volitak but both masks look awesome and the Kualsi shape would be closer to his mutated head design, so.

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Depends which you really prefer. i think a kualsi shaped volitak would be cool!

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I like this option, especially when I see this mask on Shapeways, which really look like Nidhiki’s head in miramax style from Legends of Metru Nui :


it would be better for purist moccists like me but personally I like the idea of a green volitak

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I mean would love to see something like just a modified volitak with little spikey bits out the side so it looks a bit more like a vahki head and not go full on with kualsi shaping. If they wanted to go with the kualsi shaped volitak, an email to mr.gregory for a premptive check would be a good idea

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This is my opinion:

I didn’t voted both, because I am not a supporter for Kualsi-Volitak, but I don’t want to say “you’re out of your mind”. :wink:


I voted for neither because I think a kualsi volitak would be kinda neat but also he outa his mind for thinking it will actually wind up being allowed for the contest and I could not vote for both

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Which will it be?


but like I wonder how the prongs of the kualsi would look on the default tubeless volitak

Hot take: Nidhiki hated insects and insectoids. His mutation is supposed to be a nightmarish thing, not just “I have four legs now”. I’m glad the Volitak looks different from his mutated head, to make it clear he was mutated and didn’t just get his kanohi fused to his face.


thats a good point honestly


all four, because maybe nidhiki was so vain he had a suva full of different versions of his own mask

Oh. Oh my god, you’re on this again? :joy:



I don’t think the Kualsi Volitak is the best idea, but it isn’t horrible. I just voted the other way to call starbreaker insane :stuck_out_tongue:

The third one, IMO. Lhikan’s Hau is a Hau despite being completely different; Nidhiki should at the very least have a similar option available.