Opinions on my MOCs

Hey guys, lately I’ve made a few MOCs, and I just wanted to see what your opinions were on them. Note that I do use the Inika build usually, I know I’m not the best but I aim for simplicity, and try to make my MOCs look like real canister sets. Well here they are, any feedback is appreciated!

Menatus, a Glatorian of the Ice Tribe

Toa Tarkah, a Rahi-like Toa of plant life

Zestrox, an intelligent Tribe of Vorox

Travach, only survivor of the Tribe of Sonics

Cyalite, Glatorian of fire and poison


Menatus looks pretty cool, the torso and weapons are quite unique. He is a bit on the skinny edge though, and I think the Bohrok eyes should be “pinned” in the center and extend to the sides, not the other way around.

Tarkah looks pretty cool. The blue hands and trans-green on the forearms are a bit out of place, though, and he might benefit from having red spikes on other parts of him.

Zestrox is decent, his torso seems to work a bit better than Menatus, but the claw elements break the color scheme, as do the black armors on the thighs, and (to a lesser extent) the gunmetal shield. I know tan is hard to come by, but if you could, use only a single secondary color.

Travach is okay, don’t quite like the legs, or the tube on his chest but he has a bit more character than the mainstream black-and-silver MOCs. Double spear looks cool too.

Cyalite I don’t quite like, the bulky torso and thin legs don’t match well, and the grey feet are really off from the rest of the colors. Replacing the trans bright green with trans orange could help as well.

Overall, a nice starting batch of MOCs.

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All I can really say is that these are better than anything I can currently make. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks for the feedback, I try and do the best I can with my limited supply of pieces.

Toa Tarkah’s bright blue hands couldn’t really be helped, I don’t have anything literally at all that matches, and as gas as Travach, I ran out of duplicate black leg pieces and connector pieces, so I had to try and make it look decent.

Cyalite, I know looks quite bulky, but a lot of it is because he has a backpack sorta thing on, if you can see those red pieces to the far left and right, those are on his back supporting the fire, which is positionable, might I add.

Thanks for the feedback though, I agree with basically everything you said, it’s the way it is due to the limitation of pieces, also if they seem progressively worse, it’s because I posted them in order of making them, so you can tell when I was really running out.

Menatus… Coughspikescough;
Tarkah… Nice one, Good colour choices! and weapon is… Spear-Lasso?
Zestox… Feels Nice, tho i suggest you to use brown Visorak Legs instead of black ones;
Travach… Its ok i guess? Well I like Weapon;
Cyalite is Just wierd in his ways

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Found a few pieces and took some advice as well as I could, and I present to you:

Better than the black ones, thank you.

Do you have those fang pieces on his chest in other colors? (Silver could work)

I do have them in silver, that was what I originally used, but it looked weird, I was going for a bone effect and white just works better for that.

I think that aspect works, as well.

In fact, I’d suggest finding more places to put them, maybe, sorta unify the whole look

You mean the bone effect? If so do you have any suggestions where to out a few more?

Yes, the bone effect. 8D

I think, I dunno, the axle holes on the ankles, and maybe the ones on the Slizer heads.

I can definitely try that, I think I only have 4 more white spikes so I’ll see what I can do!

New and improved again, now with more bone effect:


A lot of their limbs are just normal, but I’m okay with this!

My personal favorite is the one from the Sonics tribe! :smiley: