Orange robot

Went to a friends house and as usual built Lego unlike a normal teen. This took me an hour across two visits. Was in a hurry when taking the photos so didn’t bother posing, it has waist articulation and knees bend 90ish degrees. It’s a ‘table scrap’ as it was built from quite limited parts.

C and C welcome as I’ll do a studio upgrade at some point.


looks like it could be one of my non-transforming system mocs. good, at any rate, but one word of advice: see that wonky light gray connection on the back of the head? trust me, that will never work for anything ever in the history of the world. believe me, i’ve tried.

Do you mean the connection for the gray ear things? It seemed pretty stable to me

Duuuuude that looks pretty nice for table scrap

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it’s not stability, it may just be me, but i swear that connection is cursed. i’ve tried before, and that thing dooms any moc it’s in to not achieve it’s full potential.

or in other words, i just have an unreasonable hate for that connection.

Orange is good. Grey is good. Yellow is too close to the orange and I don’t like them together.

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If there was more orange in that guy’s collection I would have used it. Thank you for the advice though, I’ll make sure the studio one has way less yellow.

Your tablescrap looks better than my masterpiece. :stuck_out_tongue: I like it, especially the steering yoke thing you used to attach the jetpack.


Thanks dude, I always try to look for weird ways to use parts.