Just a really quick drawing done at the back of class.

Please give constructive criticism


I'll be K then



@Whaddon very clever. I got the idea it was a pun but had no idea how potassium fitted with oranges, cheers for the extra knowledge and good joke 😀

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Oranges have Potassium in them
So If I eat an orange I'll be K

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Nice, I feel SuddenlyOranges.


So has anyone got a way to improve it?

EDIT: Seriously, no one has any, I expected loads with this piece of art.

EDIT: Not even criticism in general if you hate it?

@Lord_Tuma Have to buy more felt tips in that case, thanks though

@darkbrick999 Yeah they do a bit, if they were red I could probably pass them off as tomatoes. Though the two do look similar so....I'm still happy with how they look

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I would use any darker oranges available to you to shade it, creating shadowing!

That's... Umm... Cool! :smiley:

Why can't I think of another orange joke? Maybe if I just CITris and think about it, it'll come to me!... Wait...
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Some of them look more like tomatoes.

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I C what you did there

(terrible joke, I'll just leave now....)