Orde and Zaria Kanohi: Poll & Discussion

Since this discussion is starting to grow on the BIONICLE G1 Canon Contests Discussion & Questions topic, I thought I would start a poll to see what people think. At just a Protector level, I don’t have any power to actually create any sort of competition or canon idea, but this topic will sit as a stand in for what people think about Orde and Zaria and their mask powers.

What do you think we should do about their masks?

  • Canonize them before Zaria and Orde’s canon contests.
  • Canonize them with Orde and Zaria’s contests.
  • Keep them ambiguous.

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If you have any other ideas about powers or appearances for their masks, share them here. I look forward to what everyone thinks about this issue.

I think their masks should be canonized before the contest, but I also think that Greg should be the one to clarify it. He probably had some original intent on what their masks would be and I don’t think us fans should interfere with that.


While creating this post I saw a related topic from back in 2017. In that conversation he said that he would be open to suggestions, as long as they had proper intentions and were clued in by the story. AKA, he doesn’t want a mask power for the sake of its looks or power alone, but for the story implementation.

With this in mind, I’ll submit one of my own ideas. While I am still working on a good mask for Orde, I thought that a mask of strategy would fit Zaria, if just for the fact that he was the one who came up with a plan to evade the Vorox hunters. It would also build onto the story and develop his character, to show his skills as a leader and prowess. There’s also the fact that he is a survivor of the Makuta’s purge of toa of iron, so he’s got to have some skills.

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I’m not interested in dividing people’s attention with another topic they need to follow, and another poll. We will work on answering this question when the time comes. Until then, please be patient and discuss it in the topics we already have set up. Thank you.