Orde: Toa of Psionics

I got back to working on the Yesterday Quest Toa for the first time in a few years. Due to custom parts now being a thing, and #metrumarch being a thing, it has given me the opportunity to go back and build various characters for the fun of it. Credit goes to KhingK for creating the inorganic Sanok and BobTheDoctor27 for being charitable enough to paint the mask. I cannot thank them enough but links to their work are down below. I hope you enjoy the photos I took as much as I enjoyed editing them. I also took one of a certain brash Toa of Psionics confronting a Zyglak that he failed to rehabilitate.

Links: Flickr Shot 1, Flickr Shot 2, Flickr Shot 3
BobTheDoctor: Flickr, Tumblr
KhingK: Instagram, Shapeways, Thingiverse

EDIT: The Zyglak jaw design came from TheShadowedOne1


Color scheme looks great! That Zyglak revamp also looks really cool, great job!

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Thank you! I’m really glad that I went with BobTheDoctor27’s suggestion of using the Sanok. Things turned out quite nicely thanks to his paintjob and KhingK’s 3-D modelling skills. Orde can throw his blades with pinpoint accuracy thanks to his Sanok and use telekinesis to bring his tools back his way. I forgot to add that the jaw design on the Zyglak came from TheShadowedOne1. I’ll be sure to add that to the original post.


Very nice! The color distribution is great, and I particularly like the look of the 2015 armor on the lower legs (which, coincidentally enough, I also did for my own MOC of Orde a few years ago). I do wonder what the mask would have looked like in gold, but the design and paint job is excellent (as I’d expect from those involved). The telekinetic spears are also a cool idea, and while the silver blades are perfectly all right, I know those pieces come in gold, so it’d be cool to see how they look in that color, if you own those blades in gold…

Great job!

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Thank you! I made the yesterday quest toa a few years ago but they were pretty bad so I’ve redone them lol. I almost went with gold blades like you suggested back when I was working on the moc, but silver won me over in the end. I’ll see whether I can take pictures of him with gold blades in the near future.

@SonicBionicleMaster Thank you! I’m glad you like the moc.

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Not bad. This is a pretty decent merry build. Yessiree it sure is. I might recommend a nice small bohrok-va to keep him company.


Thank you. Speaking of Bohrok Va, I was considering taking a picture of Chiara next to some Bohrok and Bohrok Va while wearing a krana thanks to Nicrophorus’ expansion of Reign of Shadows. Here’s a link to the chapter with the Bohrok.

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