Order And Chaos MOC: Kalthyr, The Blood Knight

Kalthyr is based off of my main character from the Mobile MMORPG Order And Chaos 2: Redemption. Kratans are a race of bipedal reptilians; Kalthyr is of the dragon lineage, giving him powers to manipulate fire. Being a blood knight, he sacrifices his health to feed his special abilities, and he is a sworn demon slayer, harnessing the power of the very monsters he hunts to subdue his enemies.

Note: Kalthyr alternatively is a demon. Ironic, isn’t it?

He’s both inspired by the story of a friend and fellow MOCist, Valerix, and Order And Chaos.

More Pictures: https://flickr.com/photos/140610713@N05/sets/72157677866457050


I looks decent, but It’s just the blue. I think the blue is a bit much. Also, the torso is too small.


I think it’s just really poorly integrated into the design, it’s just sort of splotched in places.

Gonna have to disagree on that, the torso is too small, and the shoulders jutting off the torso makes it exponentially worse.


Greatly impressive! great head design too!


When you aren’t paying attention to what you’re typing. I meant that the blue should be removed. I shouldn’t be posting @4 in the morning.

Looks pretty great! The limbs all look solid (the hardest part IMO of making larger MOCs; the limbs get gappy) though his body does seem a bit thin.

The only part that looks strange is the blue. Upon reading earlier posts you said it is his skin color and that you didn’t want to change it; I can respect this.

However, I feel that the blue clashes with all the transparent orange/red. Maybe if it was solid red, then it might mesh better, but as is something seems off.

Anyway, overall the MOC is solid but the coloring seems off.

Very nice. I like the head.

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Literaly everything @Ghosty said is what i think. Besides (some) of the criticsms.
Yes, this is a non-humanoid MOC, i get it. But its still missing some azure, the torso is a BIT short. And for something thats black and blue, it has to little blue and to much red. Great job on the head, though.

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Maybe to find more azure, you can try to find Gali 2015’s they are everywhere in my local toys’r’us’s. Aslo maybe you can find two light blue skeleton rib chestplates instead of the red ones on this thighs.



I want to be as fair as possible when giving my suggestions, so i decided to have a look at the source. Here i think potentially explains a couple of the issues that a few people have mentioned about the MOC. Though its a humanoid design its not often shown in a humanoid pose and when it is shown standing it often looks a little strange. Remove the blue for example and you would have a version that looks fairly close to the above images and if posed in a more animalistic fashion then it could work in a similar sense.


The main thing that seperates the two is the bulk of the body, in particular the character model here has a wider neck so the head of the character doesnt look over-sized giving it a more natural flow even though you would’nt normally expect a dragon-like head on a humanoid body. The character models i have found also have a much wider body and armour that primarily serves to make them look bulky yet your design is more skinny.

The armour here also partially explains the lack of blue - given that the armour covers a majority of the body leaving only the feet, arm joint and underneath of the neck exposed. Perhaps your armour is slightly different or maybe you’ve accomodated for the skin showing on certain places.

The choice of your remarks about blue skin is a bit perplexing, perhaps you could provide an image of your character? so we could understand how exactly it shows on the character and figure out why the placement here feels odd to several of us. Either way, the black and red/orange toes and claws contradict the blue skin a little as i cant really picture a character model with blue skin that would’nt have blue and black hands and feet.

Either way the key thing here is that without the source you are basing this on, its difficult for us to judge it on anything other than the basic aspects of how MOC’s are normally judged - which means aspects such as a tertiary colour that stands out and only occupies a tiny portion of the body will stick out. If you can provide us with an image to show what its based on then perhaps it would help explain some of the choices made and we’d be able to judge more so on how you adapted the character model into a MOC?



Anyway, the MOC’s impressive, but the scattering of blue does nothing for it other than disrupt the color scheme.

I didnt knew there was a playable dragon race in wow :kissing: