Order of Mata Nui Files #1: Chilluno, Guardian of the Luna Dial

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How to Build: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghywrXzv_-4
MOC Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZAX86dBFeo

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Name: Chilluno
Gender: Female
Species: Luna Magnian Toa
Element: Ice, Moonlight
Kanohi Mask: Reforged Miru, Mask of Levitation
Status: Alive
Affiliation: Kingdom of Luna Magna
Occupation: Toa of Ice and Moonlight, Guardian of the Luna Dial
Titles: Toa, Guardian of the Luna Dial
Personality: Intelligent, a little bit fangirlish
Fighting Style: Well rounded in both melee and elemental ranged combat
Abilities: Full Ice control, limited Moonlight control, flight
Equipment: Ice blades


After watching the Palace of Luna Magna topple down, having Matoran kidnapped from his Kingdom, briefly losing the Luna Dial, and helplessly watching as the entire planet of Luna Magna got sucked through a rift into a different dimension, King Gringat had had enough. He decided to construct a protective bunker under the ruins of the palace to contain the Luna Dial.

One of the highest ranking officers of the Luna Magnian army, a Toa of Ice, was chosen to stand guard over the Luna Dial. Her name was Chilluno. She was quite skilled in battle, excelling at both ranged and hand-to-hand combat, even though Matoran of her type are quite common on Luna Magna.

Gringat went through with his bunker plans. Now the Luna Dial lay deep within a deadly obstacle course, complete with booby traps, puzzles, illusions, and Chilluno standing guard before the entrance to the Chamber of The Luna Dial. The only thing that would relieve her of her post, is the destined holder of the Luna Dial successfully navigating this treacherous maze, and defeating her in combat. They, as well as King Gringat, are the only ones ever permitted to enter the Chamber of The Luna Dial.

And one day, a long lost being landed on the surface of Luna Magna. They were the one that the Luna Dial, and Chilluno, were waiting for…

More shots of the MOC!

Older images:

Back view without wings!

Close up on the custom arms!

Close up on the inside of the custom arms!

She can (kind of) fold her arms!

Close up back view!

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Looks good, great color scheme

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The torso should be made taller and so should the upper legs, and the Inika legs don’t work with the rest of the MOC.
The inclusion of a stat sheet is something not seen much around here and I appreciate it.

incoming crapfest because of the Nuva boobs


I’ve always like you’re MOCs, and this one is no exception! (I just wish more of them had waist articulation)

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I’m not sure the detailed bits fit with the smooth bits fit. Also needs possibly some proportion fixing

otherwise she seem’s alright

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Didn’t you make a video of this moc on your channel? Anyways, it’s a great moc with a great backstory. It has a definite feminine feel.

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I like the weapon design

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Dem legs…

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It’s pretty neat.

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