Order of Mata Nui Files MINI #5: Velika, The Killer Great Being

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Huge dump of MOCs from the OoMN Files series incoming!

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Name: Velika
Gender: Male
Species: Great Being
Element: (Unknown)
Kanohi: Komau, Mask of Mind Control
Status: (Unknown)
Affiliation: None
Occupation: (Unknown)
Titles: Great Being
Personality: Enigmatic, inventive, long-winded, psychopathic, always believes he is doing the right thing
Fighting Style: Stealth assassination
Abilities: All Great Being abilities
Equipment: Twin power carvers, dagger

More shots of the MOC!

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Nice Velika, though I don’t remember him being a OOMN member, but hey, it’s your headcanon.

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Great upgrade too the set!

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It’s just the series itself called “Order of Mata Nui Files.” It’s supposed to be an in-universe profile of certain characters from the Order’s records. So no, Velika isn’t an Order member, even in my headcanon.


Ah… okay. That makes sense.