Origami Scorpion By Robert J.Lang folded by me

Hey guys this is my first post in the artwork community. I really like origami and just really wanna share what can really be done with a piece of paper. So I’ve decided to show you guys an Origami Scorpion folded by me and designed by the artist Robert J.Lang

The piece is made from 1 Uncut sheet of square paper

Folded from hand over a course of around 4 hours. Using only watered down glue and my hands to compress and shape the Scorpion.

As you can see its pretty small and fits in the palm of my hand. The original size of the paper is around 25 inches.

Here you can see the bulk of the paper and how the layers form up.

I hope you guys liked this Scopion as much as I do! See you all soon!!


Amazing! I’ve been into origami too (long ago though), but I’ve never come close to doing such things. Next time I expect an origami Skull Scorpio though, don’t disappoint me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


@Altair Haha I’ve been doing it for ard 2 years. We’ll see abt that skull scorpio :wink:

So I’m always a fan of creating origami but holy cow.
I don’t think I was ever even close to being this good. :laughing:
That looks fantastic. Great job! :smiley:

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25 inch paper? wow. This is great.

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@Lord_Tuma Thanks a lot! @Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air AwwYea @Omega_Tahu Yea, glad you’re impressed :grin:


J. Lang…
L. Jang…

Leguminati confoimed


Pure skill!

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VERY awesome!
(was it 25in by 25in paper? That’s a big sheet!)

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Inb4 “I hate Scorpios…”

This is great! Perfect replica, if I do say so myself! :smile:


I’ve never gotten into origami but my brother spends more time looking for tutorials and folding then he probably should. If I tell him to take a break he insults my MOCs and tells me I still play with with little plastic toys😢, but I still love him. Anyway fantastic work. Could you send me the directions, he would love this.

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Great job! I’ve always been a fan of origami though have never been good at it.


Beware its stinger tail.


@War_of_the_Worlds Well thats great, good for you, I’m glad you liked it. :joy: @Zero You know it is. @JonBlueFire Yep it was a 25inch square. Yep hours of layering. If you look carefully you can actually see black pen lines especially on the claw area. That’s cause theres like an hour of folding lines onto the paper before anything is done, so for precisions sake i used a pen to mark them out as well. @PakariNation99 Thanks for the compliment! @Rota_Lorem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kErxj5X74wA Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnc0xnY56GA part 2, beware though this is some next level stuff, don’t get discouraged if he cant do it. @Stoax Thanks! Yea well it takes a lot of practice. @Leoxandar Thanks for the warning. I will, Master Leoxandar.


This is quite a good job.
Sure it is anothers design, but folding adds to the art.

@LurkingEhlek Thanks!