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I don’t think anyone here knows, but I am a self-proclaimed Origami Master. I invent many models at school by folding random papers. While doing this at school, I made a bird model. I looked at it, and thought, Hey, that looks like a hawk. Then I thought of it as @Hawkflight’s avatar. Then I thought, Why don’t I do a thing like the Community Kronkiwongi or the Community Playing Cards. Those worked out really well. I later invented a Dorito 3-pointed shuriken. I haven’t made any more yet, but I will take requests. The way this works is that you tell me what form you want to be folded in, like a bird or a shuriken. 3-D models are hard, as the best 3-D I can usually do is paper folded with layers in between the two halves. By the very nature of origami, I can’t just say, “Hey, I want to make a Slime”, and just invent one. But if I come up with a boxlike object through random experimentation, I can turn it into a Slime. So, the order they are made is not necessarily the order they are requested in, and you may have to wait a while. Sorry :disappointed:. Yes, I could just find instructions online, but the point is for them to be creative and representative of you guys, so they will all be original models.
Here is @Hawkflight

And here’s me:


This sounds interesting.

You actually made a hawk with Boba Fett arms?

You made a new Dorito!

I used to have a calendar origami kit.
It usually wasn’t actually origami, since it would call for use of scissors or tape, but it was still fun.

I once has a origami thing. I still have them, but I am uninspired.

I use to absolutely love folding origami models. It was always my goal to eventually make a dragon, but all the dragon instructions were too advanced for me :stuck_out_tongue:

Then eventually my mom got angry because I was wasting too much paper so I stopped. Never really got back into it :confused:


I used to love making Orgami, but i lost interest a while ago.

I made frogs that could jump.

And water balloons.

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I love doin it (but super advanced stuff is hard for me) Do you know who Jo Nashkima is?