Origan 2.0 God Of Death (Self-Moc)

Age : It is not fully known, all we know is that he has been on the island for 5 years
Species: Half Toa Half Bohrok ( previously )… At this moment in time a Deity.
Gender : male
Elemental Power : Power of Possession (previously)… At this moment in time he hold the power of death
Back story: after Origan brought the God/Goddess back to life a war broke out on makuta-Nui, Origan , Whaddon and Kadzar Fought for there lifes but sadly Whaddon died early on in the war… this war lasted 4 years before the final battle, Origan and a power depleted Kadzar VS Mata-Nui… Origan and Kadzar were defeated within seconds. Mata-Nui killed Kadzar infront of Origan. (Insert Dragon Ball z joke here). Suddenly Origan burst out in black and red aura and as it died down Origan walked out of the shadow cast upon him… He was no longer a Toa but a God… and no normal God… He was the god of death…
the little arms were inspired by Spiriah The Exiled

The Original


Not bad. Pretty good build.

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@Zero Thanks :slight_smile:

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Cool build and nice shaping on the head, although legs and feet are really weird, they look interesting, so its alright. Torso seems to lack the dark redish-brown color, so it stands out a bit too much Intersting stuff.


I like it without the Hau nuva mask.

@TechnoVirus the torso in the original , seen by photo 2 , did not have much colour other than black so i kept that the same just as it is the same character just a newer edition
@Ninjanicktf That photo with the Hau Nuva was the original one before i edited the whole upper body (Kept the legs the same )

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Where’d you get idea of the head from? XD

Still though, this is pretty good. I especially like the paint job.

I love this.
The paint job is perfection.

@Saxton i found my orange Pakari and noticed how the top looked like the brow bone slightly so made a head from it :slight_smile:
@Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air Hhahahah thanks :smiley:


Great minds think alike, Ey?

??? im confused?

His Self-MOC uses Pakari the same exact way

wait really that’s cool :open_mouth: IM NOT ALONE WITH MY WEIRD THOUGHTS

This looks great, I really like the head design!

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Thanks man means allot :slight_smile:

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The head has a really interesting look to it. Great job

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I honestly like the Hau Nuva head better. It looks very haunting. Otherwise, the second version is definitely better.

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@BioKnight Thanks !!!
@SmeatyFlavor i agree with you 100% i just had to change the head completely as it is a god form (SHHHH dont tell anyone but i might already be working on Origan Nuva back with his Og mask :wink: but dont tell anyone)


Those painted pieces really highlight the moc for me

How did you get the painted parts to look so nice?