Origan Toa Of Possession Infected Spawn (WIP)

So some of you may remember my first MOC being origan… and his back story is he is half bohrok , well as Origan was the first member of the team, and a self moc, he has no actual weapon im going to make for him, instead he has this form a werewolf like form you could say in which he can transform if he is close to death, i have not made the legs yet or given him his special Origan paint job but as i said this is a WIP so yeah, look forward to the finished one i guess :slight_smile:

little update on the legs


I was surprised how easily you got that bohrok head to look like the originals. People should try that more often.
I like how the claws give the illusion of pipes running through his side.
Can’t wait for the finished product!

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all 6 Bohrok were the first bionicles i ever had and i thought they were the good guys for like a year XD ahhh good old days, i was going to add the little white pieces (fangs) like the original but it did not look good, and yeah they will be in the finished one, painted to look good but some things i cant stand on my prototypes and that was one of them, and thanks that was the look i was going for im happy you saw that :slight_smile:

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So what will Whaddons form will look like

i do not know if whaddons form will have one, as i kinda want each one of the member to have there own unique power, like whaddon has his pet ect

To with a Bohrok head…okay. Good armoring, but maybe work on the legs some more.

i Personally love the legs of him as it looks very bohrok :slight_smile: