Original Connie Design - Redux

Hello everyone on the Boards!

I know I just did some pixel art stuff with Connie, but I just can’t help myself.

One of the things I’ve impressed myself a lot with in the past year and a half is just how far I’ve come in not just my digital skills, but my art skills on the whole. An illustration like this was totally out of my reach back then, but I’ve been continuously surprised that the moment I got serious about my art is the moment I started improving. There’s always more to go.

I feel the exact same way with Connie, and I’m also intrigued by how both his personal story and design have sort of mirrored my own growth.

Once upon a time, Connie was a shy, frightful, and weak child with a dark power he neither controlled nor really knew existed. He met the adventurers that would later become his best friends by hiding invisible in their camp and listening to them sing and speak their tales. He stuttered incessantly when he spoke, which wasn’t often, and couldn’t wield even a knife if his life depended on it. He was a kid with high aspirations, but little to no ability or agency in his own life.

This old design reflects that original Connie, and I had a desire to go back and update that design with my current experiences with him. He’s disheveled, his clothes are borrowed from his human guardian, and he hides his horns and teeth in fear.

It amazes me that Connie grew from there to be so extroverted. He now has some control over his enchanting powers, even if he doesn’t fully understand them yet. He’s talkative, his stutter has diminished considerably, he constantly wants to talk to new people and see new places, and he can hold his own in a fight with his short sword and dagger. Most important of all is that his outlook on life brightened substantially; Connie always tries to make the best of any situation.

And of course, his recent designs reflect that. He’s more put together, and he no longer covers his face and horns. He’s becoming the adventurer he always wanted to be.

Anyways, it’s just fascinating to me how a lot of artists grow with their characters. It’s even more interesting when you happen to roleplay that character every week and experience their personal growth incrementally.

If you want to see for yourself, these are the original designs for Connie, as well as what level my art was at when I created him:
https://www.instagram.com/p/BxYXz8Mntmr/ (This one in particular I despise, and I consider this new illustration retribution).

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This is absolutely amazing! The line work is is incredible, and I just have no words for the colouring and shading. How did you do the background?


I really like the style of this one!

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I always love whenever you do art of Connie, and I gotta say, this is my favorite rendition of him yet!


This is the style of art I really wish I could draw. Really really impressive.

what class is Connie?



It was just a random kinda textured brush that I scribbled around in different shades. After that, I just cut pieces out of it to make it more interesting!

Thanks! There’s been a couple of artists on Instagram whose style I really like that I try and emulate!

HOAI in particular, if you’re interested: https://www.instagram.com/hoaiartworks/?hl=en

As do I. :sunglasses:

Thank you! I personally much prefer his newer designs, but in terms of pure quality of image I think this is probably the best one I’ve done yet! That’s due mostly to the time I took with it!

Thank you!

It just takes time and practice. I included the link to the original version of this design to emphasize that, in fact. Just a year and a half ago, that was the peak of my digital painting ability. All it took to get from there to here was taking as much time as I could drawing and learning. It’s a slow but enjoyable process, and one you really only see occurring when you take the time to look back.

It’s also never-ending, and there’s levels of art even higher than where I’m at that I still aspire to match even a fraction of! Once you climb one mountain, there’s 5 more ahead, and that’s the beauty of growing as an artist!

Bard 9 / Rogue 6. Glamour bard and Arcane Trickster rogue subclasses.

By the end of the campaign I’m in he will be predominantly rogue, though!

Thanks all!


It looks great! But who is this character?

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Thank you!

Connie is my Dungeons & Dragons / original character!


I see. I really like the style of this piece!

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This looks amazing!

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