Origins: CHC, Quest for the Sacred Steed

Chapter One: A fated Encounter

Word spread quickly on the wings of the wind. The cloaked sorcerer made his way across the vast, technological grid that he had made himself known across. All around, on either side did he see people engaged in combat, duels using the ancient powerful magics the grid could replicate within its sphere. All around, gods, dragons, warriors and fiends were locked in fierce, decisive combat. It was here the Sorcerer Risebell had gotten his name, and his trademarks.

With his eye-concealing aviators reflecting the bright greens of the grid that made up the walls and floor, he let out a smirk as he did that which never should. For he knew that soon enough that which was most precious to him and many others would return. And so Risebell walked many steps, evaded many deathtraps, and did so with the most confident of airs.

It was then that he saw it. The Monster Gate. By walking through this gate, could one escape the Sphere of the Grid. However, in doing so, you would lose that which was most precious to you. There was also the risk, that once you leave through the gate, you may never return. But Risebell was skilled in the ways of Magic, so he knew he would not fall victim to either of these curses. And so with a slight chuckle, did he raise both his arms, palms facing out, as he was encompassed and protected by a sphere of glowing purple, a magic that would protect him from the effects of the gate. and so he levitated, passing through the glowing seal of runes and symbols in his bubble.

As he emerged onto the other side, he saw another being, sitting on a rock. This being was sitting with his back turned from the gate, and by the looks of it, he too was a fan of the color purple. His hood and cloak were of that color, with minor bits of gold outline and trim along its edges. the next thing Rise noticed was that it appeared he had a pair of green horns sticking through the hood.

The being heard the sound of Rise landing on the ground after his bubble dispersed, and so he turned around. To Rise’s utter confusion, he saw this being had no discernable face. Only a featureless surface that reflected like a mirror. He noticed the being wore black boots, gloves, and a green vest with similar gold trim. Also of note was the blue band he had tied around his neck, obscuring any features that may have held. If Rise didn’t know any better, he would assume this being was not human.The being spoke to Risebell.

“Hello there. Might I ask how you are today, and why you may have left the Network?” he asked, indicating the large black sphere behind Rise with the glowing green grid pattern upon it.

“Uh, that’s none of your business. In fact, I think I’ll ask what you’re doing out here just sitting around!” Rise responded, wary of this new variable.

“Ah, right. I suppose it is kinda odd, thinking about it. I’m Nyran Altair. I heard news of the return of something I once thought lost, five years ago. I was going to progress upon the dirt road here, but I realized that in leaving the Network, I had lost my most useful ally, the Galaxy Soldier.” he responded, looking at the ground.

“I see. So you’re after it too?” Rise asked, hoping he would not have any competition in his own quest.

“Well, I’m sure there’s enough to go around for everyone, but in short, yah. I suppose I am.” Nyran responded, looking back up at Rise.

“Well then. You leave me no choice, ‘Nyran’. I challenge you to a Duel!” Rise exclaimed, pointing at Nyran with one arm, as the other was enveloped by a magical field. When it dispersed, it revealed a technology that allowed for combat like in the Network, the device known…

As a Duel Disk.


Huh, well then. This should be fun!

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THe progression so far is

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But yeah, this story's gonna have us in our big fellowship, to search for two of the worlds greatest treasures.

I hope I left enough clues as to what the first one was.


Well, what about the greatest the universe!?!


Sadly, as you just proved, Marvelous beat us all to it.

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But the real treasure:




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Super excited for the next part of the story.
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Chapter 2: Destined Duel

Nyran only looked at Rise(Or so he assumed. his mirror was pointed at him, but of course, there really was no way to know 100%. We’re pretty sure though). Before doing anything else in the way of speaking or responding, Nyran cast off his left glove, revealing not a human hand or forearm, but rather a mechanical appendage. It had five fingers like a human limb. It was about the right length and size to be like a human limb, but it wasn’t. It was pure circuitry and metal.

“Well I mean, if we’re gonna do this with the cards, and you’re pulling out the duel disk, I figured I should too.” Nyran said, before noticing Rise’s slightly baffled look. with his other arm, without moving anything else, Rise merely pointed to Nyran’s exposed mechanical arm.

“Oh this? Bah, that’s just how it is.” He responded, before something even more interesting happened to that forearm. Transforming from out of the arm itself, Nyran’s own Duel Disk manifested. It was silver and blue, with the card-bearing field portion evoking the imagery of a feathered wing.

“Okay, stop. So lemme just get things straight here…” Rise said, pausing to think.

“Yeah okay. Not quite sure what’s holding you up here but uh, take all the time you need.” Nyran responded, grabbing his deck box out of a pocket, and placing it in the slot of his disk.

“So, you’re...a cyborg, right?” Rise asked him, preparing his own deck while he did so.

“Nope. I’m a full on robot. It’s uh, long story. In any case, if this duel’s gonna start, we both know what must be done.” Nyran said, as his tone shifted to a more serious inflection.

“Right.” Rise said, shifting his focus to the hand not wearing a duel disk. He knew that had to be done.

“Alright, on the count of three..” Rise said.

“One..” Nyran started

“Two..” Rise continued

“THREE!” The both of them shouted in unison as they both looked at eachothers hands. Nyran’s hand was splayed wide open, while Rise’s was in the shape of scissors.

“DANGIT! I knew I should’ve gone rock. Y’know, I had like, the feeling that I should but then I backed out and just went for paper. Like, y’know that feeling? Am I making sense?” Nyran responded, drawing five cards from his deck. Rise drew as well.

“...So, are you even gonna like, try and take this seriously? I mean, I challenged you to this duel and all, so that I could defeat you, and then move on on my awesome quest. So, if you’re not even gonna do this like, legit, I don’t even know why I should bother.” Rise said to Nyran, pushing his aviators up as he did so.

“Right right. Yokai. Welp, I do believe you have the first move then, so I’ll stay quiet and let you do your thing.” Nyran responded unamused.

“Alright then. My turn! I’ll start by discarding my Effect Veiler to special summon The Tricky from my hand!” Rise declared with a proud smirk as The Tricky appeared upon the field before him.

“Next, I’ll bring out my Junk Synchron, and use his effect to revive my Effect Veiler!” as Rise moved the cards to position, his Tricky was joined by the two new monsters.

“Oh no, I know exactly where this is going.” Nyran said, wincing at the thought of facing that which transcended space itself.

“No, you really don’t.” Rise responded with his usual smirk. “So from here, I can special summon Turbo Booster. And with it and Effect Veiler, I Synchro Summon for Formula Synchron!” Rise announced, as the racecar like machine appeared. Rise drew one card due to its effects.

“And now I’ll synchro summon Stardust Dragon with Tricky and Junk Synchron!” Rise once again proclaimed as the dragon descended down, far stronger than any creature he had summoned thus far.

“And to finish things off, I’ll synch my Stardust and Formula to go for Shooting Star Dragon!” And so Rise’s immediately summoned Dragon was merged with the machine and from the ensuing light emerged the Shooting Star Dragon, standing at an imposing 3300 Attack points.

“I’ll set two cards facedown and end my turn there.” Rise concluded, leaving Nyran only the sight of his Dragon and the looming threat of potential traps for his turn.

“Well okay then. I draw.” Nyran started, surveying the cards in his hand.

“Starting things off, I’ll use Trade-In, letting me discard my Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon to draw two cards. Contemplating his options, Nyran knew there was only one way to take care of Rise’s dragon.

“I special summon Photon Thrasher! Then, I normal summon Photon Crusher!” Nyran exclaimed overdramatically. The two warriors appeared on his side of the field.

“Then, I’ll overlay both of them to Xyz summon Number 101: Silent Honor ARK! I can then use his effect to detach both materials to take your Dragon as material.” Nyran said, as Rise’s dragon turned to a small ball of light, and began orbiting around Nyran’s ARK.

“From here, I can special summon Photon Slasher from my hand in defense mode, and activate Galaxy Expedition, letting me play one more Photon Slahser!” Nyran declared, as two identical monsters appeared upon the field.

“And as there’s no kill like overkill, I can overlay both of them now to Xyz summon Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh!” Nyran continued, as both of his monsters were absorbed into his new mechanical contraption.

“I detach one material from Zenmaioh to destroy your two set cards! Then, I’ll have ARK and Zenmaioh attack you directly for a grand total of 4700 life points!” Nyran declared in conclusion, as Rise’s counter went down a significant amount, leaving him at a mere 3300.

“I’ll set one card face down and end my turn.” Nyran said finally, as Rise drew his next card.

With the lifepoints and field so uneven, things were looking very poor for our Sorcerer. How would the duel end? Would Rise triumph over his new foe and continue his journey, or would he end up defeated upon the mere first steps of the journey?”

Find out next time, on the next exciting episode of CHC Z


You forgot the Synchro Summon Chants!

I have a question. Why is there so much moonspeak in this chapter?

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'Cause I'm a nerd like @Pot8o said.

Chapter 3 will be the last of it.


Apologies that this one's kinda super alienating

the only problem I have with the chapter, is that I cant really understand the yugioh talk

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