Orion Defence Bot MOC

Hi. I’ve recently been trying out building a MOC with more traditional bricks and parts, and so i did! I did get lazy doing the arms and legs and made them a bit normal.

Back story stuff:
This would be one of many bots used to police a city or something. It is given an angelic and peaceful look to keep citizens calm, and is equiped with a blade and wrist mounted gun to keep them safe.

As you might notice, it has wings, that would have sharp blades on them to discourage attacks, as well as jets, to fly.

The back is unbelievably bare and i need to do something about it

I think this blue sword/blade thing looks really cool.

And this is a wrist rocket/gun thing.

The chest has the clear bit to help the visor/eye blend in more, and also to house a sort of core for the bot.

What do i think is a bit bad on this MOC?
I think the chest is too long, and the arms are too short. The Legs are also a bit bare, and the top of the torso seems a little too flat.

The sides of the torso have lots of unused pin holes and thats a shame.

Thanks for reading/looking at my MOC! If you have any praise or criticism tell me about it, as all of it is appreciated.


Basically what I was going to say. I also think the torso is a bit long