Orion mk.2

Back story time okay after hero factories last good year had happened allot of the designs where scraped I took breez' mask rocka's mind and outfited my creation with a wing set and a universal remote to control his new arms and as much as it pains me to say this I also used a hero core now this is orion master of air


0/10. Blurry photos. Set down the camera, then take the photos, THEN post them. That's when I will rate the MOC. Looks good, though!


geez it was the glare not me calm down

I think it is the outdated camera...

from what?

looks more like the lens is smudged.

anyway, basic, and the colors could use some balancing, but looks alright. I like the idea of a mechanical arms upgrade, assuming that's what you were going for.

They don't look like convincing wings. They look more like extra axe wielding backpack arms or something.

Per others, the wings look a bit weird, and he could have some improvements in the color scheme (getting rid of the white hands particularly.) Nonetheless, a good start, and a pity you don't have a better camera.

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Can't see anything.

Well, I'll verdict it anyway.


HF logo. Orion is a traitor to Bionicle Kind! -10
No Nyran Shot. -10
No Bio. -10


Side Note: The color scheme seems Jungle-y, like Orion 1.0. Oh wells. Somethings cannot be changed. Aswell, Orion has avoided all but 3 criteria. How does he do dis?

Verdict: -30. It's still good-ish, but could be better. Keep on trying!

Nice...just change the back-pack and hands, then he will be a right fine dandy MOC.

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