Oro The Warrior

Oro is a great warrior with high skilled swordsfighting techniques.
With his armor he doesn’t need a shield, so that means, two swords and even more dangerous attacks!

Colors I normally barely use, but now they come very effective I think.
Let me know what you think :blush:


This is awesome! The build is really solid, and I also like the choice for the weapons!

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Really interesting color scheme. As many of your other MOCs it’s really solid and non-gappy. I like the lighting in the pictures too, it kinda gives it some personality.

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Glad to see you make some use of that old gold. The lighting makes the dark grey appear to be sand blue; and the socket colors I don’t know what they were meant to be originally. Might want to check your lighting setup.

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I like that it looks like it’s wearing sand-green fingerless gloves.

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Not who I was expecting given the name.

Even so I cannot deny the quality of this moc. Truly outstanding.


Oh my wow. Straight up out of this world. It’s so solidly built and well designed. Tan and dark gold look great together.

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