Orokai, Son of War

Hey guys, I’m new to this website, so hello. Thought I’d start off by showing one of my favorite creations, Orokai.


Looks pretty neat! I can always appreciate a good CCBS MOC, and I feel this qualifies.

However, a few pointers.

The shaping is kinda wonky, with the different armor add-ons each bringing their own thing to the table, and rarely mixing well. Maybe try to make the thing flow better, try to use less add-ons and more straight-up CCBS.

Great color scheme, proclaims that this guy is a son of war. I really like the transparent peeking out making it look like it’s glowing. And an awesome custom head!

I agree with @RaptorTalon that the add-ons give too much texture, particularly the skull armor on the knees, that doesn’t flow really well with the smoother Hero Factory add-ons everywhere else.

But still looks great!

Im in loveeeeeeeeee :heart_eyes:
i need it

A neat usage of the Fangz head piece and the Sanok. I especially like how the trans blue compliments the gunmetal.

This MOC is incredible! :smile:

Welcome to the message boards! :smile:


Why is he called the Son of War? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is quite fancy. I’m wondering if the elbows are limited at all? Seems like they are. However, I think the color scheme really works with this moc. Majority gun-metal MOCs don’t usually look all that great, yet I think you have just the right balance of the trans blue with the gunmetal to make it work perfectly. Amazing job! Also, welcome to the boards!

Holy makeral. Now that’s what i call an awesome CCBS build. Nice looking head. A simple but effective color skeem. Nice texture. Wish there were more pictures but who cares? Awesome moc and i hope to see more in the future.

Hmm, this moc looks familiar, Do you have a flickr account?

Anyway, I really like the way this moc looks, the large amount of gunmetal doesn’t actually bother me that much with this and the blue really gives some nice little accents.
And that head, that is great, it reminds me a little of what Galaxus did with the backwards Inika head for his self-moc

this looks great.
:gregf:could you put up more pictures of him?

This looks great, reminds me a bit of the shredder. I really like the axe/hammers, I wondered how the trans black would look as a hammer, but I never got the lava beast.
Nice job anyhow :+1:

Who knows. Maybe he’s the literal son of War (Ares), or it’s a title bestowed upon him by some great ruler. Honestly I just thought it sounded cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you! The elbow can actually do a full 90 degrees. Not as much as I’d like, but it’s definitely adequate.

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Oh this thing is soooo perfect! I love the colors, aesthetic, and build. The head and waste look especially nice.

Looks awesome, could totally see this dude in the middle of an epic battle. Love this. Just wish there were more photos.

This is really good. And welcome to the boards. Btw how did you make the head?

Exactly what I was going to say! Welcome to the boards, @BenV !

Firstly, welcome.
Secondly, can we get more photos.

Honestly amazing, love the duel wield, colour scheme, mask, use of old and new parts, everything. Only thing I can see to recommend to improve is to put trans-blue pieces on the feet or legs. Photo(s) of the backside would be awesome as I’m curios to see what you have done with it.

Ah, neat! Again, great job on the moc. If possible, could you post more pictures? I’d like to see it from different angles.

Thank you! I do agree to an extent about the knees, but I just really like the spikes on the piece lol.