Ortixa creature of lava


It is Okay
but it has a Lack of Articulation


This is better…

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The color and overall theme is much more constant than with your other Mocs.

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uh @Hafynx
he mispelled /S

alright, I don’t want to sound rude or anything, but I think you should stop, take your time with the mocs and their stories, take better pics and then post them


Every thing you do is hilarious.


Thank you

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Well, it looks better than your other MOCs…It’s need articulation in the limbs.

You seriously need to slow down with the MOCs. it can take hours and days to make ONE MOC. You have been pumping out MOCs over the past two days. Seriously, slow down and take your time. But if you are going to continue to spam MOCs, at least give them a description. I don’t care if it is only three sentences, anything will work.


me when i look at your posts

slaps face

but really

but more effort into your stuff and stop posting things every 10 seconds

not to be mean but your just overflowing the creative content into trash

again and again you need time and effort and you never do that… EVER…

and start using your feedback it would really help fix your mocs


I took time with my female mocs and we see where that got me

so you did not have a Concept


21 mocs in 16 days, I don’t think you took your time with any of them


They may have taken more time to make, but that doesn’t make them better… And you don’t listen to anyone, which is why you aren’t going anywhere at the moment.

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Well, it’s okay but incredibly simple. You didn’t spend any time on this.


perhaps, if you try adding some smaller joints on the lower legs, as it shows with this and chrora that you are getting better, I think you should try doing more male mocs for now, and then once your good at that. then I would begin doing female mocs


needs a lower jaw, elbows and knees

otherwise I guess it’s sorta OK… don’t take my word for it

There’s nothing particularly interesting about it, It lacks character and comes off as being rushed


Torso looks too big(and very basic),but otherwise i guess it’s a pretty alright little… thing.

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Has a cute ring to it. Nice job!