OS Gundam Wars Contest

A new contest for Okoto Station, and the first contest on Okoto Studios! Yay! The rules are simple: watch the video below, build a Gundam or Zeon MOC and the winners will be voted out of each faction. LDD is allowed, and you can use Technic, System or CCBS. System can also be used, but only in small doses. Base your entry primarily on a Universal Century series (for details, go to this: https://youtu.be/NQO72GGH9es). If you need inspiration in a short amount of time, I’d recommend ‘Gundam Unicorn’ (only seven episodes). Contest entry acceptance closes December 1st 6pm Australian Easter Standard Timezone.

Entering is fairly simple. Post your photos here in this chat, post a video link in the comment section on the youtube video above or go to MOCpages (http://mocpages.com/group_conversation.php?id=25377&topicid=103206) and post a MOC using the preset title ‘BOS Gundam Wars:_______’. The blank space will be a title of your choosing.


That Video just gave me the Plague…

The only cure is to join the Zeon cause and build a zaku.

I don’t think I’m gonna join. :confused:

Awww… :cry:

dislike the ad and don’t have the pieces




I will enter after watching you unicorn show @Lord_Dcast :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I forgot to enter mine… I am stupid some times :laughing: lol

Yeah, I was getting up to make my entry when Declan told me the contest was over.

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I have an entry…

I did offer to extend the contest in the MP group and on google plus, but no one replied.