Otoko Whakangu

Here is Whakangu. Originally made for this --> https://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/legends-of-okoto-the-mask-of-wisdom-original-comic-series/17649
I was late for the deadline, so I’m uploading it here.

As you may have noticed, he has large shields on his arms.

I’m worried that he looks too much like Tuma, but I’m pretty happy with the design.

As always, leave feedback. Thanks.


I said I wouldn’t take your entry, nice work though.

I know, I just wanted to make use of the pictures I had taken.

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Oh I see! You know he is really cool, shame you couldn’t get there on time. Perhaps you could participate on another contest I have in mind.


Well, he doesn’t look like Tuma, rest assured.
The only gripe I really have are his ankles, the rest looks dang good!

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Pretty basic, but nice. I do think the black panels could be integrated a bit better.