Out there: a sOng

Out there
It’s a nightmare.
Those who don’t care
Don’t even stop and stare.
They wouldn’t fare
One minute out there
But they don’t care

In there
Don’t need a care.
Nothing to fear
No monsters anywhere.
We say we don’t care,
That we’d be bored in there,
But we really care.

Stone wall
Stands so tall.
One of these days, that thing is gonna fall.
When monsters come, who are they gonna call?
Those beyond the wall!

We fight
For what is right.
We take our stand against the monsters of the night
While those in there stay out of sight.
Within their wall, they’re cooped up tight.
To them the future seems so bright.

But we’ve known
The strength of that stone.
That wall ain’t gonna last too long.
And when it falls, they’ll be on their own.
While they’ve grown weak, how strong we’ve grown.
We stand alone.

When monsters come,
They’ll go on the run.
But there is nowhere they can run.
We’ll hide and watch, until they’re done,
And we will know their time has come.

Time’s running out for those in there.
But they don’t know, and we don’t care.
We will survive on our own out here.
We’ve learned to thrive in this nightmare.

This is a song I came up with not long ago. I have a rough idea of a story for it, but I like to leave the meaning up to personal interpretation.


<p.s.: Kalvin is a cool guy>


Do you have a tune in mind? or are you meant to make one whilst reading.

Unfortunately I have watched wall-e too many times and instantly started humming to this tune:

Well, yes, but I don’t know how to describe tunes too well.