So here is my first bioformer (Bionicle transformer) I originally wanted a vehicle for my self moc (http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/445993) but I wanted it to be unique. So I thought since I originally intended to be a mainly legoformer Mocer but ended up making more bionicle, I’d make a bioformer that turned into a bike. Unfortunately I would have liked it to have been a speeder bike but that would have been too easy and not as good as a stand alone moc.

As of yet, he has no backstory.

Here’s the pictures (sorry if they’re bad, I’m very tired):

Thanks for reading, I would really appreciate some comments and criticism is welcome!


I think he looks too long to be feasibly turned. I like the use of the roborider head as a seat, and having it transform is a cool feature.

@Miraku I may just be being a little stupid but what do you mean by feasibly turned? thanks for the comment anyway!

I really like this little guy. I especially like the fact you made him able to transform, as it gives him a little bit more character

By feasibly turned, I meant that it would have a hard time taking corners since it is so l o n g.

This is awesome.

If only the head could be rotated so the clear piece faced forward like a light

@Miraku so I was being stupid, thanks for clarifying.

@BioKnight funny you say that, I wanted to build both a bike for my self moc and a really slim moc using the roborider head as a chest, so I decided I would combine them into a bioformer.

@UnitaryBog i know right, I’d do it but it’s impossible at this scale.

@Sabretooth thanks!

Don’t take it like that, I didn’t mean to sound condescending.

funny looking and bad assh!

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@Miraku I didn’t mean for my comment to make it seem like you were condescending. Sorry if I worried you it’s just I wanted you to know that me not knowing what you said was a silly error on my behalf not yours. I don’t think you were condescending at all :slight_smile:

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Okay. Thanks for clearing that up.

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I love the look, it’s the perfect.March for D.S. Keep it up!