Here’s yet another one of my Transformers MoCs with horrible picture quality!

Base mode

Jet mode

Tank mode

Cruiser mode

Robot mode


So, this is something I’ve wanted to make for a while, ever since I remade Whirl. I’m pretty happy with the end result!

The thought process I had going into this was that I had to make this as Overlord as possible. In fact, the first thing I worked on was the ab guns (look closely and you can see them)! Also, I made sure to have all the famous parts of his transformation, such as the legs becoming a tank and his cockpit becoming a shield. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a way to hide the head in vehicle mode. Also, I had to cheat in base mode by adding one piece that I take off when not in base mode. Speaking of the base mode, I initially didn’t’t intend for him to have one. I was fiddling around with him, and I eventually had a base mode. I also felt like I had to give him his chainsaw, which he can hold in either hand with a bit more adjustment.

I’m going to address now the thing that almost everyone will bring up: Why he doesn’t have his signature face. You see, I’ve been told in the past that I can make heads out of system, but I don’t have the parts to do that. Also, I didn’t have a mask that suited him either. So I hope that cleares things up.

Anyways, overall,I’m very proud of this! But let me know what you guys think! All comments and constructive criticism are welcome and very much appreciated!


Where’s mega and giga?
Though he seems pretty neat

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Wow, I certainly like the modes! It takes a lot of skill to make a bioformer that works, and I think the robot mode looks decent! I’m not sure about his colors, though, seems kind of distracting, but for his purpose of being a bioformer I think it looks great!


@Ace I acctually decided to base him off the rampaging murderer from the IDW comics, so he doesn’t have any partners.

@PakariNation99 Thanks! About the colours, I just based them off the actual Overlord. So, really, I guess it’s more of a statement to the actual character.


Fantastic bro ! 10/10 maybe costume head would be better but other than that Fantastic !


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate it!

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Really like the torso and Tank mode.


This is honestly the weakest of the modes IMO. It doesn’t really look much like a base to me.

I really like how streamlined this is. I quite like this one.

One of, if not, my favourite form. I really like how well compacted it looks, and it pulls off the tank motif very well.

This doesn’t really look all that much different from the Jet form, but it’s still cool nonetheless.

Really like how solid it looks in the chest. Though it is due to the nature of the MOC being a ‘bioformer’, the legs do look a little odd compared to the rest of it.

Not really much to say on these. They are nice additions.

All in all, I’m really quite impressed that you managed to create a multitude of forms from this one MOC alone. The Jet and Tank forms are pretty much my favourites, but not without discrediting the Robot mode, which I really enjoy in most places. The Base and Cruiser mode are the weakest forms though IMO, but it’s still cool how you were able to implement more forms.
Overall, nice work.

Thanks a lot! To be honest with you, the cruiser mode and the base mode were kind of tacked on. I did the cruiser because the G1 toy did it, and I made the base mode a day after I finished the MoC when I was fiddling around with it.

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I’m pretty sure that is how Hasbro does bases to


The transformation is impressive, but I feel that the robot mode (which Overlord is most frequently shown in) is very thin and not imposing. Given his nature of instilling fear into anyone who sees him, this doesn’t make much sense, in my opinion.


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