Overwatch And My Unoriginality

I drew something in spanish class a couple of weeks ago because i was bored out of my mind. The night before, i saw the ReCore trailer and thought i could make a robot thing kinda based on the idea of energy spheres being it’s main source of power, like a heart, and emulate it’s dingy desert-y look. as i was finishing the little sketch, my friend Gena looked back and asked if i was drawing Zenyatta form overwatch. I said no, but this brought all of my friends attention, and thus created the Overwatch Cluster-F***.
Original sketch:

after about 10 minutes of laughing at me, and 10 minutes of my disappointment of myself, my friends found these similarities:

well, i inked it, adn it arguably looks worse now, but whatever.

peace out. this made me feel more unoriginal than ever. i’m done with this thing.


cleaned up the title- YoYo_FTW

thanks :smiley:

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I’d say this looks pretty cool! TBH I liked the first one more.

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The torso should be longer, but other than that, I like this.

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